Friends of the Library 2020 Appeal Letter to the Community

Dear Norfolk resident,

This is the annual Friends of the Library appeal for your support as the Library tries to fulfill its mission to the community. The COVID-19 pandemic has greatly affected the lives of all of us. This newsletter will address some of the changes that are occurring tat the Library caused by COVID or other circumstances.

A this newsletter is being written, a number of changes are occurring in the operation of our Library due to concerns for the health of our patrons and employees. By the time you are reading this newsletter, we should be entering the “NEW NORMAL” in the operational phase of the library. Masks will be required of all people entering the Library; if you have forgotten yours, we can supply a disposable one for the visit. Social-distancing will limit our computer area to only 3 stations being used at one time. This may require advance sign-ups. The size of groups using the Library will be restricted. These and other modifications will probably go on for the foreseeable future. The safety of all who use the library is our primary concern.

We are delighted to announce that we have converted the downstairs restroom into a fully-handicapped facility. Money left over from our last grant project has enabled us to make our Library more ADA compliant. We are please to be able to better serve more of our patrons in this way.

We are saddened by the retirement of several of our long-serving employees. Hazel Holland retired after 12 years as a Library aide; Irene Hargrave, as our bookkeeper, retired after 14 years of service; and Pam Garrow, with 9 years of service, has retired from the position of janitor. We thank each of them for their outstanding commitment to their positions.

The big personnel move with be the retirement of Vicky Brothers, out Library Director, scheduled for the end of August. Vicky has been the heart and soul of the Hepburn Library for 30 years. Under her guidance the Library has grown in usage, entered the technology era, and seen many features of the now 100-year-old building restored and preserved. If you are in the Library in August, feel free to take the opportunity to say “Good-bye” and “Thank You” to Vicky for her many years of dedicated service.

While the NEW NORMAL has greatly refocused what the Friends group is able to the for the Library, there are still a number of ways the Friends can provide support. The letter in your hand is our major fund raising effort for the year. The form below asks for your contribution of time or money. The actual activities listed are not currently functioning, but hopefully will resume later this year. All contributions are important to our work and greatly appreciated.

Thank You