March Tween/Teen STEAM Grab & Go bags

Pre-register for a bag (each month) and stop in to pick them up when they are ready.

This months STEAM project is Glow in the Dark SLIME kit!

Pre-register now if you’re interested. Registration ends on the 16th, and bags are available to pickup starting on 3/18.

What makes slime…slime? Slime is a non-Newtonian fluid. A non-Newtonian fluid is a fluid that can act as a solid or liquid. But how so? Well If you put the slime in a jar it will take the shape of a jar, like water. But it also acts as a solid that does not fall apart and can be kept as is, like a tennis ball.

Each bag/kit comes with everything you need in it to complete the project/activity. These are geared towards tweens/teens (ages 11-18ish!)

Register below by filling out the information.